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Leon Psychology Clinic is a province-wide online psychology and therapy service. We offer expert, high quality and evidence-based psychological evaluations and psychotherapy for kids, teens and adults.

Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 819-200-7718

When contacting us, please leave your full name and phone number. We will contact you back within 1 week.

*Accepting New Clients*

Ms. SUBITHA: Immediate availability (Ontario – anglophone & francophone – kids/teens)

Ms. Robyn : Immediate availability (Ontario – anglophone – kids/teens)

*Waiting list information*

Dr. Leon: Waiting list OPEN – current wait time is 2 months

Ms ROBITAILLE: Waiting list OPEN – current wait time is 6 weeks

Free 15-minute introductory call

We offer a free 15-minute introductory call to all our new clients.

During this call we will answer your questions and discuss your preferences and availability. We will take the time to assign you to the member of our team who best suits your needs.

* Don’t forget to visit our FAQ page for more information regarding virtual psychotherapy and fees.

* Note that you will have to create an account to book a call.

Already a client?

The Leon Psychology Clinic provides online child, adolescent and adult therapy.

Our virtual therapists work with kids, teens, and adults.

Our psychotherapists and psychologists can work with families from all over Ontario and Quebec.