Child Psychotherapy (ages 6-13)

It is often difficult for children to accurately communicate what they are feeling and why. The most well meaning and attentive parents can feel helpless when confronted with Read more

Adolescent Psychotherapy (ages 14-17)

Adolescence is filled with strong emotions and a need for independence and individuation. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish when teenagers are struggling Read more

parenting coaching in quebec and ontario

Parent Consultation (ages 0-17)

Dr. Leon offers consultation services for parents. Consultations are a one-time 90-minute session that focus on a single issue. Consultations are best suited for parents who Read more

adult psychotherapy anxiety depression relationship difficulties ADHD trauma PTSD

Adult Psychotherapy (age 18+)

Adults typically seek psychotherapy to find relief from emotional distress, seek solutions to problems in their lives (such as dealing with disappointment, grief Read more

older adult geriatric psychotherapy loneliness depression anxiety end of life transition

Older Adult Psychotherapy (age 65+)

Many older adults and seniors face a variety of challenges such as different types of losses, transitions (e.g., retirement), coping with chronic health conditions Read more

Neuropsychology Intervention (ages 0-17)

Neuropsychological intervention aims to help children and adolescents with developmental issues (e.g., ADHD, learning disorders) or medical conditions (e.g., concussions Read more

Professional psychology consultation

Consultation Service for Professionals

Psychology consultation services for professionals are 15 minutes and free of charge. Consultations are open to all health professionals (e.g., physician, nurses, Read more

Clinical Supervision and Coaching

Dr. Leon is passionate about empowering other clinicians to grow and fulfill their potential. Are you a psychologist in autonomous practice looking for supervision to broaden Read more